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How I Became a Voluntaryist

If you believe -
  1. that the initiation of force is wrong;
  2. that the institution of government relies on initiatory violence against peaceful people; and
  3. that taxation is stealing
- then you meet the basic definition of being a voluntaryist.

In addition voluntaryists endorse the following Statement of Purpose:

Voluntaryists are advocates of non-political, non-violent strategies to achieve a free society. We reject electoral politics, in theory and in practice, as incompatible with libertarian principles. Governments must cloak their actions in an aura of moral legitimacy in order to sustain their power, and political methods invariably strengthen that legitimacy. Voluntaryists seek instead to delegitimize the State through education, and we advocate withdrawal of the cooperation and tacit consent on which State power ultimately depends.

If you are reading this page and consider yourself a voluntaryist, then you are invited to write an article on ‘how you became a voluntaryist.’ Please use our Contact page to let us know.

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