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  • New! The Voluntaryist – 1982-1986: Reprint Volume 1, Whole Numbers 1 to 22.
    This volume contains facsimile copies of the first 22 issues of the newsletter and includes a Person/Name Index for all issues from 1 to 181. Paperback, 204 pages. (**) postpaid.
  • New! The Voluntaryist – 1987-1990: Reprint Volume 2, Whole Numbers 23 to 47.
    This volume contains facsimile copies of the issues 23 through 47 of the newsletter and includes a Person/Name Index for all issues from 1 to 181. Paperback, 232 pages. (**) postpaid.
  • LOOKING BACKWARD 2162-2012: A View from a Future Libertarian Republic by Beth Cody (2012)
    (**) postpaid.
    This exciting book was written by Beth Cody and published in 2012, in which she describes a society whose members value their liberty and realize the importance of spiritual freedom. It is a society of individuals who are working toward voluntaryism, but who are not quite there, yet. The basic purpose of LOOKING BACKWARD is to describe a libertarian society (with a very limited government) as the author imagines it might exist in the year 2162. One reader described Cody’s Free States of America as “Switzerland on steroids”! Here we find a very minarchist government in which the federal and state governments are unable to tax their citizens; issue money or go into debt; cannot fund, regulate, or provide education; and in which government employees must be unpaid volunteers. If you want to imagine a society on its way to voluntaryism, then this is the book to read. Click here for our longer review. We also invite you to read The Author’s Story Behind LOOKING BACKWARD:2162-2012.
  • New! A Matter of No Curiosity by Albert Jay Nock (2010)
    (**) postpaid.
    Evidence of the State is all around us. It is here when we are born; and it is here when we die. To most people its institutional existence is a matter of little or no curiosity, but to Albert Jay Nock, who wrote OUR ENEMY THE STATE, it was a problem of huge magnitude. This small volume of 139 pages contains some of his best essays explaining why we should concern ourselves with its origins, legitimacy, and anti-social nature.
  • Take Me to Your Government: Four Fables
    (**) postpaid.
    This highly recommended 160 page anthology comprises the previously published stories of Princess Navina’s visits to Malvolia – where the king‘s one principle is to make everyone as unhappy as possible (1991), Mandaat – where all human actions must be authorized by the government (1994), Nueva Malvolia – where rulers seek the unhappiness of their subjects (1999), and Voluntaria – where there is no coercive government (2002). “Like Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels they raise provocative questions about modern governance by transporting us to imaginary countries,” and like Gulliver, Princess Navina is bound to become a classic in which voluntaryism outshines all other modes of human interaction.
    Additional information is available in Issue 122 and also here on the website:
    My Route to Voluntaria
    My Reaction to Voluntaria
  • Render Not: The Case Against Taxation by Carl Watner, Editor is now available.
    (**) postage paid
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  • Carl Watner’s new anthology HOMESCHOOLING A HOPE FOR AMERICA now available.
    (**) postage paid
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  • National Identification Systems: Essays in Opposition
    Edited by Carl Watner with Wendy McElroy; 308 pages, paperback.
    “This is more than a book about national ID. It is about all forms of government enumeration, from the census of antiquity, to government naming practices, fingerprinting, social security numbers, and drivers licenses, to cutting-edge biometric technologies such as DNA, iris scans, or subcutaneous microchips capable of allowing those in charge to know where we are twenty-four hours a day via global positioning satellites. This book looks at the big picture of national ID: what it is, how it has developed, and how it might potentially change our society. It is also about those who have chosen to resist or oppose national ID schemes – from Gandhi’s satyagraha campaign in South Africa in 1906 to those Americans who refuse to be counted or carry a government number. These “Essays in Opposition” are intended to honor those whose consciences and principles do not allow them to “roll over” and acquiesce. …
    “Never before has there been a book devoted to the idea [of proving] that the logical outcome of government involvement in these areas (from government birth certificates to governmental databases and surveillance) is a 1984-style population control. That is why national ID systems have been called a ‘trademark of totalitarianism’.”
    Table of Contents
    (**) postpaid.
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  • I Must Speak Out: The Best of The Voluntaryist 1982 – 1999
    An Anthology of 70+ essays from the first 100 issues. Selected and Edited by Carl Watner
    Table of Contents
    Softcover : (**) postpaid
    Hardcover : (**) postpaid
    Hardcover Autographed : (**) postpaid
    Click here for a PDF version of the book.
  • Dissenting Electorate: An Anthology on Non-Voting
    Those Who Refuse to Vote and the Legitimacy of Their Opposition
    Selected and Edited by Carl Watner with Wendy McElroy
    Softcover : (**) postpaid
  • A Voluntary Political Government–Letters From Charles Lane
    Out of Print – Find the complete text in our Classics section.
    Compiled with an introduction – Charles Lane : Voluntaryist, by Carl Watner.
    A series of seven letters originally published in The Liberator of William Lloyd Garrison during 1843. Henry David Thoreau held Lane in high esteem and Thoreau’s ideas on resistance to civil government clearly reflect Lane’s influence.
  • Neither Bullets Nor Ballots
    Out of print – find the complete text in our Classics section.
    Essays on Voluntaryism – Introduction by Wendy McElroy, Party Dialogue by George H. Smith, Demystifying the State by Wendy McElroy, Voluntaryism in the Libertarian Tradition, A Voluntaryist Bibliography, Annotated and Voluntaryism in the European Anarchist Tradition by Carl Watner.
  • The Politics of Obedience : (**) postpaid
    Contains a lengthy introduction by Murray Rothbard on “The Political Thought of Étienne de la Boétie,” and la Boétie’s famous “Discourse on Voluntary Servitude,” written in the mid-1500’s.
  • Robert LeFevre: “Truth Is Not A Half-Way Place” : (**) postpaid
    LeFevre’s biography written by Carl Watner, Foreword by Karl Hess.
    Click here for a PDF version of the book.
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