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Learning is the answer to all the questions except one, and that one is “What can we do to help?

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The Voluntaryist supports monetary freedom, and has always advocated the use of hard monies (especially gold and silver). For example see the article, “Hard Money, Soft Money, and Government Money!“, in Issue 38, and “Freedom to Choose Your Own Money,” in Issue 156.

Although Bitcoin cannot be classified as a true commodity money, it does have many features that voluntaryists applaud. As mentioned in the Bitcoin Primer, it cannot be forged, or double-spent; it cannot be controlled or inflated by any government; nor is it impeded by any political boundaries. It is a voluntary digital medium of exchange which is completely transparent to all interested parties.

We consider bitcoin a hard digital currency because the algorithm for its creation is intrinsically tied to the maintenance of a transaction record that grows exponentially more permanent, but one which is accessible to anyone who understands how to read it.

If you would like to purchase bitcoin or learn more about it, please consult the following:

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