Render Not

Render Not: The Case Against Taxation
By Carl Watner, editor

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Statement of Purpose: In his “Introduction” to this anthology, Carl Watner argues that “taxation is no better than slavery.” Government taxation is a coercive activity that introduces force and violence into otherwise peaceful relationships. That is the primary reason why voluntaryists oppose taxation. Some goods and services are essential to human survival, but voluntaryists realize that they need not be provided by the government on a coercive basis. What we oppose is the coercion involved in collecting taxes. We oppose the means and take the position that the ends never justify the means. Our opposition to taxation doesn’t concern itself with whether too much money is being collected, or whether that money is being spent wastefully. Rather, the focus is on the fact that any amount of money forcefully collected is stealing. It is no more proper for government agents to seize property than it is for you to rob your neighbor at gunpoint, even if you spend the money on something that you think will benefit your neighbor. Majority rule cannot legitimize slavery or taxation. As R. C. Hoiles, founder of the Freedom Newspapers, was always keen to point out, there is only one standard of right and wrong, and that standard applies to the lone individual, to members of a group, and to the employees of the State.

In this volume you will find articles by Robert Ringer, Auberon Herbert, Murray Rothbard, Lysander Spooner, Frank Chodorov, F. A. Harper, Vivien Kellems, Harry Browne, and Carl Watner among others. 180 pages, soft back.
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