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I think it safe to say that THE VOLUNTARYIST is one of the longest lived libertarian publications in the world. It has been published since October 1982, and first appeared on the worldwideweb courtesy of one of our subscribers, David Dreas, in late 1996. In early January 2003, Charles Gutierrez, another subscriber, acquired the domain name Voluntaryist.com. Since that time, it has served as our primary presence on the web. David, Charles, and I have all contributed large amounts of our time, money, and/or energies toward promoting voluntaryism.

The subscription base for THE VOLUNTAYRIST newsletter has always hovered somewhere between 180 and 225 paid subscribers. While the revenue generated from these snail-mailed copies has always sufficed to pay expenses, it has not made it possible to widely promote voluntaryism via advertisements, conferences, or book publications. In an informal survey conducted during the first half of 2006, at least half of those subscribers receiving THE VOLUNTARYIST wanted to continue their hard copy subscription, in preference to receiving their issue via e-mail or the web.

About Our Coins                          

Over the years there have been a few generous donors to the cause. Their contributions have helped make possible and sustained some of the research that goes into the historical articles that I publish in THE VOLUNTARYIST, as well as having made possible the publication of some of my books.

So, if you want to keep voluntaryism alive via hard copy and the web, here is my pitch to you.

Anyone sending $20 or more will receive one complimentary subscription to THE VOLUNTARYIST.  Anyone sending $100 or more will receive an autographed copy of THE VOLUNTARYIST anthology, I MUST SPEAK OUT.

Gifts to THE VOLUNTARYIST are not tax-deductible. Our efforts are bound by conscience and goodwill, not by government regulation or the political privilege of tax-exemption.

As you view our website, please remember that it is a labor of love and search for the truth. If you find anything of value here, please let us know by clicking on the Support Us button below. Your gifts to our work are not tax-deductible. Our efforts are bound by conscience and goodwill, not government regulation or political privilege. We refuse to be numbered or supervised by any government agency.

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